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0000382LoaderPlatform Specific Commspublic2011-11-11 14:062011-11-11 14:37
Apple MacOS X10.6
0000382: Locks Up On OS X With tty.* Type Devices!
cu.* devices work fine, through a hub at least, but tty.* devices cause 100% kernel cpu usage and the app to hang for ever.

This behaviour is the same as the MTX code base, which I assume you've copy pasted from, much to my disapproval. I said this to Dave some time ago:

1) You'll tell me to sod off, BUT, I notice that it hangs on one of the mac devices and works with the other, you know this, but other apps work sweet with either just the same. I just did a bit of searching and came up with this : [^]

Maybe you can clear this up for mtx and the loader the same way?

Now the ball is in your court, fix it in the loader and we can apply that change back to mtx! :-)
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2011-11-11 14:11   
Additionally, sometimes if you kill -9 it, the window dies, but the process goes zombie and locks the device such that it requires a reboot to use that device again... note, they are by name in osx, so unplug/replug does not work, the name is occupied still. I have to reboot now. Please spend some time on this soon, I can test anything you like right now, min open apps to annoy me by crashes etc.
2011-11-11 14:12   
Awesome I'll see what I can make of that info. It's a shame these sys calls are different on MAC vs Lin.
2011-11-11 14:13   
You need to dual boot a box with Hackintosh and/or FreeBSD which MAY be similar :-)
2011-11-11 14:13   
hmmmm i have osx in a vbox. I can see if vbox will "push" my usb adapter to the guest OS.
2011-11-11 14:14   
Prob not the same though..... As a Hackintosh or real mac hardware.
2011-11-11 14:37   
Probably not, but FreeBSD support would be cool to have anyway if you're interested in making the code even better and more robust! :-)