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0000375FirmwareDocumentationpublic2011-11-07 15:452011-11-21 19:20
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0000375: Remove Change Log History From Source
I was attempting to maintain old change logs and do them manually. That approach was flawed. 0.2.0 is illustrating that in an undeniable way.

Future change logs should be of the form:

This release does xyz differently, etc.

NOTE: Only notable changes are listed here!

For a full list of issue fixes included in this release visit this link: [^]

For a full list of changes made to the firmware in this release run this command:

git log 0.1.0-XGATED..0.2.0-Enthalpy

Other git changes can provide more detail if that is not sufficient.
Release notes, these should probably be one at a time too. The always there thing was motivated by wanting to link to previous versions, however a link to where all of the previous versions are should be sufficient for this.
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2011-11-21 19:20   
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