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0000372OLVUser Interfacepublic2011-11-03 11:092011-11-13 15:14
0000372: Add GUI Console And Default Log File
Rather than dumping information and errors etc to the terminal, which may not be visible, or popping up heaps of annoying windows, we should switch to outputting to a different PrintStream that dumps to a graphical console that can be opened and closed at any time.

Additionally, the data from this console should be stashed in a log file in the .OpenLogViewer directory near the configuration files and overwritten each time by default.

Config options for the following could be included for bonus points:

1) log level including the usual debug, info, warn, error, quiet etc
2) Date stamping logs instead of over writing them

Once it is tidied up and clean, we can output a lot of great system information and app information to the file and when a user has issues, then can just send it or attach it to help us diagnose those issues smoothly.
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2011-11-13 15:13   
I'm going to use LOGBack + SLF4J for this. I've developed another app using them recently and have some experience, so it should be straight forward to achieve.
2011-11-13 15:14   
Some links on the subject: [^] [^] [^]