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0000346FirmwareGeneral Featurespublic2011-10-26 14:552014-02-19 00:03
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0000346: Add Duty Cycles To Standard Calcs
Requires decoder cycle time to be available in some form or other, or deferred from RPM.

Such values can be calculated externally and thus should only be available from a new struct called "InternalVars".

Can use OLV and/or MTX to cross check the firmware (and those tools!) with each other during development.

Need to clean up the configuration on the output count stuff for injections and ignitions to enable this, so it depends on other issues, but I'm unsure which right now.

Private draft thread [^] (where all of the above came from...)
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related to 0000147assigned Fred Make hyundai dwell limit stuff generic 

2014-02-12 22:15   
I've recently come under fire for not implementing this yet, so I thought I'd put it on record that:

A) The above text fully explains why I've not implemented it.
B) Since creating this issue I've been busy implementing other things that allowed 22 out of the 29 engines so far to have run, including traveling to four countries in relation to that (Sweden, England, USA, Canada), and moving countries (Spain to New Zealand).

A tad busy selflessly helping others, you might say.