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0000312OLVUser Interfacepublic2011-10-18 14:362011-11-30 20:23
0000312: Bar-graph view of line traces.
Allow the user to select between graph line traces, or bar graph views. Line traces will be default.

Handle overlapping colors somehow... Probably color addition if that is easy to do.

Required to display #349 and 0000350
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related to 0000350assigned Fred Firmware Add Time Stamp Logs As An Option 

2011-10-18 14:59   
Ben, though you could expose this as a general option, the main purpose is to display very specific data types, as such it should be possible for the data source to specify the display style and also the default zoom level, because as you say, these will merge together at some point.

If you make the width selectable/settable then 1:1 zoom with 1 pixel would stay clean without clever overlap logic.

Once you've done the zoom out further than 1:1 stuff, the bar graph would start to represent the interpolated data and just be a filled line graph effectively thus nullifying the need to handle overlap.

The line width thing could apply equally to the current traces and the bar lines.

Also keep in mind that they'll need to have a layer, OR, an offset per trace, if you make this general.

For my use it doesn't need to be general, though. Just max of 3 bar traces one in each of 3 divisions, and some binary bit fields in one or more further divisions.

See here for info on the data that will drive my log type to understand what needs to be displayed: [^]