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0000286FirmwareGP IO and GP codepublic2011-10-02 22:532011-11-13 13:00
New Feature
0000286: Convert Table Lookups And Math Calcs To GP
Set up the system such that by default it pulls from certain tables and does certain math, but feed the inputs and outputs of those math blocks and indeed, the math blocks themselves via pointers and configuration. Abstract the CORE of the system away from hard coding and make it more flexible than you could ever imagine.

It may be possible by variable shaping to use either an 8x8x8 table or a 16x16x8 table or a 24x19x16 table to do the same job through configuration.

Table lookups will be driven by 2 axis data sources and be fed back into 1 output data location.

Different core routines will demand certain types of input vars and produce a certain type of output.


Do the same thing with scheduling, IE, make pw source and type of schedule etc configurable on a pin by pin basis.

Then you could have a 4 cylinder with a FULL VE map per cylinder and one lambda map across the lot fed through the math routine 4 times to deliver 4 unique pulse widths. Many other possibilities exist too.
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