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0000285FirmwareGP IO and GP codepublic2011-10-02 20:532011-11-13 13:00
New Feature
0000285: Abstract Out Common Functionality In ADC Processing Code
Migrate existing core vars code to use new GP ADC functions. Two main typs for a start:

Lookup tables, provide 4, link IAT, CHT, and MAT to one of them by default. Allow users to connect any ADC channel to any lookup table with any data in it and log it or use it in other parts of the software.

Linear interpolations, BRV, WBO2, etc, make this be done with one piece of code that is unit tested and config driven.

Provide N config regions in fixed flash config for setting up these interps and allow the GP IO stuff to use those configs. EG, battery voltage settings can be shared across multiple ADC pin inputs for multiple voltage readings, assuming the circuits match, and if not, they can use custom ones.

Provide a lookup service of some kind to discover these for settings side stuff and present the outside application with an ID number with which the code can get a pointer (no direct memory refs outside the device)

This will be a solid start in the direction of top notch GPIO code/UI.

Burn time verification code should prevent pointers to ADC pins other than those assigned being used for core features where pins are fixed to guarantee compatibility and OOTB functionality (BRV, IAT, CHT, MAT, TPS, etc, see 0000190)
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