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0000266TunixGeneral Featurespublic2011-09-22 23:222012-03-30 20:41
unknown, updating issue to appear in roadmap
0000266: Multiple Dashes That Can't Be Closed In JimStim Mode, Then Abort.
[11:38] <Cheetah> djandruczyk_home: djandruczyk in jimstim mode (or any), should i be able to have more than one dash at a time? also, cant seem to close them
[11:39] <Cheetah> hmmm
[11:39] <Cheetah> [^]
[11:39] <diyefi-bot> Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted. 0xb7fe2424 in __kernel_vsyscall () ( -
[11:39] <Tarzan> [Link Info] title: Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted. 0xb7fe2424 in __kernel_vsyscall () ( -
[11:39] <Cheetah> jimstim mode, clicked on jimstim tab
[11:39] <Cheetah> after all of the others
[11:40] <Cheetah> with two dashes open
[11:40] <Cheetah> that wouldnt close
[11:41] <Cheetah> ok, doesn't matter what i do, clicking jimstim tab crashes it with that message
[11:41] <Cheetah> didn't see this, but it could be relevant: Unable to locate Post Function spawn_read_ve_const_pf within MegaTunix or active plugins
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2011-09-22 23:23   

[11:57] <Cheetah> seems stuck in 36-1 mode, but will happily sweep the rpm in that mode
[11:57] <Cheetah> something is haywire, should be easy for you to sort out at your end with your unit when you get home tonight
[11:57] <Cheetah> i'll use it in 36-1 mode for now :-)
[12:10] <Cheetah> ok, jimstim + mtx + freeems + mtx + sweep mode + full screen dash = fucking sweet :-)
[12:14] <Cheetah> seems there is an off by one error somewhere, either in the rpm control of the artificial limit on the sweeper, rpm field accepts 0 - X and 60 inclusive up works
[12:14] <Cheetah> but sweep only accepts 61, not 60
2011-09-22 23:43   
Post this commit sequence I retested [^]

Latest trace, no user actions, just run, wait, and get this [^]

[14:37] <@djandruczyk> what tabs were visible in that context?
[14:45] <Cheetah> and i think just 3
[14:46] <@djandruczyk> i thought it was more
[14:46] <Cheetah> yes, just 3
[14:47] <Cheetah> just trying to move the window does it
2011-09-25 23:23   
Tested, all systems are go. A couple of minor things that I'll put in a new issue.