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0000025FirmwareGP IO and GP codepublic2008-11-02 14:582012-02-20 17:24
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0000025: Write General Purpose PID Function
A good PID controller algorithm is required for various tasks including but not limited to :

Idle speed control
Oxygen feedback
Boost control

I feel that this should be generic with a predefined struct holding state for each purpose and a pointer to a struct passed in to be acted upon based on other global variables.

The first stage is requirement gathering, once it is clear what is required a design should be drawn up and only after that should any code be written to perform this task.

Having only one copy of this logic will ensure that we have better reliability consistency and testing.
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2008-11-02 15:08   
The existing PID discussion thread : [^]

A new thread for discussing requirements : [^]
2012-02-20 17:24   
I want this one, and will get some hardware to develop with. I know just the thing :-)