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0000247FirmwareAnalogue Inputspublic2011-08-19 18:422014-02-18 23:05
0000247: Make MAP sensor configuration both more robust and more flexible.
The ability to do a linear transfer from X kPa to some negative value in the bottom end to ensure the slope of the line is correct brings the possibility of a negative output value trying to squeeze into a positive field. Not good. Only an issue if V in goes below V of 0 kPa, though. Which should never happen with a correctly setup sensor. Sensor out of range stuff is on the list of TTD so now it's a likely side effect of this issue.

Probably this will consist of simple out of range default values such as 0 for too low and max for too high. Later alarms can be triggered by such events, or cuts or whatever else the user desires, I guess.
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