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0000230LoaderGeneral Featurespublic2011-07-19 16:452013-07-09 09:02
0000230: Assist User Entering SM If Firmware Is Running When Load Start Attempted
Boot up interrogation finds firmware running
User presses load
Loader walks user through process of entering SM:

Please switch the SM load/run switch to the load position and click OK when ready. Clicking cancel will abort the load.

When OK clicked send reset then re-interrogate and same again if still in SM post reset. Otherwise begin desired processes.
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2011-10-16 18:47   
Would love to have this option!! :-) Would save me manually switching it and you could take the binary packet to do it straight from the lib dir into hex and use it as is. The only real work is in separating the serial mode for sm from firmware, but because you always knew that was a requirement, it's likely already done.
2012-03-25 12:53   
Bump, just got fucked by MTX again, please add this ASAP! I know it won't take you long to add a button, serial settings with parity and a hard coded reset packet as found in the lib dir of the firmware. It doesn't have to be smart/fancy yet.
2012-03-26 21:48   
I need to see what state the loader is in. I can't remember if I was in the middle of moving over to my serialLib etc. Maybe I just had that on my dev branch. In which case I should be able to do some work on the master and not have to worry about *losing my work by using git :)
2013-07-07 06:59   
hmmmm it's too bad the SM and FW use different parity options. I think I have to "reopen the port" to change parity, no? Either way I can not insult the user by attempting to reach the SM first, then if I don't get a response try to see if FW packets are coming in then kick-off things(user help messages) as you suggested.
2013-07-09 09:02   
Insult the user? Nothing insulting about being thorough in your interrogation IMO.

You likely do have to "reopen" the port.

You certainly can check the quantity of bytes, at the least, after a failed SM connect attempt, and as per convos with Mike you can differentiate different circumstances and give helpful messages to the user in each case.