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0000223LoaderGeneral Featurespublic2011-07-19 16:212012-08-27 22:00
0000223: Provide Abort, Pause, Resume Buttons During Load
Allow the user to pause the load part way through and resume it, or stop it in the middle if they want to.

Pause could be useful if they start loading and realise that *maybe* they didn't want to blow it away.

Resume when they realise that they really did.

Abort when they are certain that they didn't.
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2011-09-24 13:41   
Sean added the abort option recently.
2011-10-10 17:05   
The erase happens pretty fast and if the erase device command is fixed in the serial monitor and utilized by the loader then this would blow it away almost instantly. If it erased as it loaded then I could see this being a somewhat useful feature if the user has opted to not utilize the rip function.

The abort feature can save you from having to wait for it to finish if you realized you needed to load something else.
2011-10-10 17:46   
You have a solid point re the erase, however, I still don't like the idea burning excess flash cycles and if you let it get as far as the load, then your erase needs to be redone over another write, which is bad. So, I still think this is on the "yes please" list.
2012-08-27 21:31   
Essentially this is already done. When I implement other write methods you will get what you want, unless I missed a point or break the abort function with the new methods, which would warrant a new issue IMO.
2012-08-27 21:46   
Pause and resume?
2012-08-27 22:00   
Oh yeah....... I guess I was getting too excited as I resolved some of these issues. Let me see what I can do with Qt. This may or may not be an easy fix. I think the serialLib may have made this easy...