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0000155FirmwareScheduler (Inj/Ign)public2011-06-15 17:212011-06-28 19:06
0000155: OC signals do not actuate pin from comms function
Copy paste from code:

/* The following block has been left in, as I still do not know why it won't work as intended:
 * - It should fire all 6 output pins with a 52ms duration pulse, exactly once.
 * - The SAME code run from anywhere else (pre main loop, in main loop, in rtc, in decoder) works fine, just not here in commsCore.c
 * - The interrupts run, but the pin doesn't change state, despite the registers being configured correctly
 * I've tried quite a bit:
 * - Moving this code around
 * - Checking memory definitions
 * - Completely rewriting the output ISR
 * - Adding significant debug to output ISR
 * - Checking for register contents in output ISR
 * - Checking for key things modified in this file
 * - General head scratching and confused searching

Non critical as not actually used, but I want to know why this occurs before I remove it.
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