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0000138FirmwareScheduler (Inj/Ign)public2011-06-15 15:242011-06-28 19:01
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0000138: Allow scheduling to swap modes safely and fluidly.
Find a way to switch from batch to sequential or batch to wasted etc, fluidly. Ditto from wasted to sequential. EG cases are Honda with per cylinder reference + many teeth + cam sync - gives batch fuel with dizzy at cranking and switches to sequential, still with dizzy once fully synced. Also, missing tooth on crank, do wasted/semi and switch to full sequential/cop once fully synced. Need a generic way to do this, or maybe just support it in a hacky way in decoders that have this potential behaviour. Easy enough to do with lots of memory, how to do it with minimal overhead. This will only advance to half way count and back to zero for wasted/seq and 180 for batch/seq, etc. make generic.
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