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0000013FirmwareTask Managerpublic2008-10-29 17:182011-06-17 12:10
New Feature
0000013: Non Time Critical Non Preemptive Task Scheduler
A task scheduler needs to be written for things like idle pwm updates etc.

It would be nice if it had some intelligence to it. Features like priority, period, runtime, and a pointer to a function to handle it would all be nice to have.

Note, this will not be a pre-emptive scheduler as there are no interrupts to trigger such behaviour and no time for context switching. The master plan is that the fuel calculation code runs first always and the scheduler runs some jobs after that and if that doesn't run it runs even more jobs instead of it.

Some discussion has occurred on the forum here : [^]

And the wikipedia page on RTOS scheduling is worth a read too : [^]

This task is free for any developer to pick up and run with. We don't need this particularly soon, but it will definitely be a requirement to keep fuel latency low once we pick up more than just a basic feature set.
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