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0000118FirmwareDecoderspublic2011-06-15 10:422014-02-19 00:03
0000118: Make time tolerance be speed dependent
During cranking there can and will be a large variation in times between input events depending upon compression and flywheel inertia. At higher RPM the time involved is MUCH shorter and the forces are comparable, so the variance event to event is MUCH less. It doesn't make sense to have the same values for different speeds for these reasons as correct for one will either trigger on the other, or fail to catch errors that it could.

Instead of the current single value, this could be a speed dependent curve, or maybe several values, with cut off points?

And, perhaps offer a few different possible scalers too such that very narrow teeth with high error potential don't cause loss - this may be a non issue once angles are accurate, though.

Depends on 0000119 which is to be done first!
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2011-10-06 13:36   
As of this morning we have data for this issue. The data shows something like 25% variation during free revving, but 100% variation during cranking. It might be possible to use two fixed numbers rather than a table. I'll need to see more data before I make progress on this. As such I'll be adding this field permanently to the logging structure so that all users can properly tune this as part of setup.
2011-10-10 14:45   
See note on 0000272 for thoughts on this.