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0000117FirmwareSerial Commspublic2011-06-15 10:322014-02-18 23:06
0000117: Improve time information in basic datalog!
Currently arbitrary fields are used for time data, make some specific ones in a well designed way, and formalise the documentation around it. Update MTX and OLV to match this specification.

Specifically we want to know the exact time between logs. Do we want to know sample time? Or something else like calc time or ready to use time? Probably sample time, I guess. Use a stamp, not a difference such that lost logs don't cause lies. We won't keep up with calcs past some low RPM value.

It would be good to have a counter for calcs done, 8 bits would be sufficient. Then you can see what happened between the two samples that you received.

Anything else required? Thread, some good info, worth reading: [^]
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